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Top Solar Company in the Southwest Region

At Solar Gain, we are leaders in the solar industry and experts in the design, engineering, and implementation of solar systems. We install high-performance, integrated solar energy, storage, and smart technology products. Our custom solar solutions aim to solve any of your issues while at the same time offering long-term benefits.

We offer commercial and residential solar energy solutions, and our services include:

  • Engineering your system
  • Unique and tailored design of your system
  • Financing and solar loan programs
  • Solar installation in a timely manner
  • Commercial solar roof projects (including carports)
  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, and your goals and interests as a homeowner or business owner will always be our top priority. As a top solar panel company offering best-in-class products, turnkey solutions, and outstanding customer service, we aim to deliver an experience that is hassle-free, enjoyable, and affordable to you. We proudly serve commercial and residential clients throughout Arizona and California.

Solar Solutions in Arizona

Our home office is based out of Tucson, Arizona, and we serve southern Arizona and the rest of the state. Our top-quality solar power system installations help homeowners and businesses throughout the state save money on their electric bill and achieve their goals.

We specialize in offering the best value to our customers through turnkey solutions. By partnering with roofing companies, engineers, LED manufacturers, solar battery companies, financing organizations, and subcontractors, we can be your one-stop-shop. No matter what your needs may be, we can handle the scope of any project.

Solar Solutions in California

Beyond our borders, we also serve the state of California. Whether you are looking for solar in Southern California, Central California, or Northern California, we have a presence throughout the entire state. We help businesses of all types and sizes achieve their goals with turnkey solar solutions intended to help them meet their every need.

Trusted Solar Company in the Southwestern United States

As a growing solar company in the Southwestern United States, Solar Gain is proud to serve homeowners and businesses all throughout Arizona and California.

Ready to Start Saving With Solar?

If your home or business is in Arizona or California and you have ever considered solar, contact the team of professionals at Solar Gain. As a solar energy company with a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience, we can help you understand why a renewable energy source like solar energy is so advantageous. Solar is a clean source of energy that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It’s also an unlimited source of energy, whereas other forms of energy will eventually run out. And, best of all, solar can significantly reduce your utility costs.

To learn more about what a solar project would look like for your home or business or learn more about solar energy, contact us today for a free evaluation.

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