Alternative Energy Sources

What are Alternative Energy Sources?

Alternative energy is power that comes from nontraditional and non-polluting sources like the sun and wind. For centuries people have harnessed the renewable power from the sun (for heating and light) and wind (for transportation), but its use fell out of favor around the time of the Industrial Revolution. Now nearly 200 years later, we are realizing the dangers posed by burning fossil fuels to the environment, economic costs caused by rising prices, as well as national security risks from dependence on foreign energy sources. At the same time, non-traditional energy sources are experiencing prices drops as innovation and market maturity take hold. 

Why is Alternative Energy Necessary?

Alternative energy is necessary because we are rapidly depleting our most accessible and traditional forms of energy like oil, coal, and gas. Furthermore, we have become aware of the dangers of greenhouse gas emissions and man-made climate change, so a shift to clean energy is vital for the health of the planet. Renewable energy also makes economic sense especially as prices become cost-competitive to fossil fuels, especially in the case of solar and wind.

Alternative energy sources are quickly gaining traction in replacing conventional fuel sources, and Mosaic is at the forefront of the clean energy movement allowing people to support and earn returns from clean energy. With competitive returns between 4.5-7%, investors will make a positive impact on the environment as well as their wallet.