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Why Solar Gain

Industry Expertise

We have the experience and the skills to provide creative solutions for challenging projects. Our team aims to make your life easier by adding value and taking on challenges beyond just solar.

Turnkey Service

Our turnkey process makes it easy for you to transition to solar. We employ engineers, finance professionals, senior construction workers, technical salespeople, and designers with extensive experience and background. From initial evaluation to ongoing monitoring, we have your solar needs covered.

Customer Service

Our top priority is and always will be the customer. We ensure that you receive all of the available incentives while we are providing the best value and the best solution with the highest return on investment.

Competitively Priced

Our various partners come together to deliver the absolute best value to you. From electrical utility partners to financing solutions for every type of customer, we make sure that your solar system is not only the highest quality but that it’s affordable for you as a business or homeowner.