Financing Your Commercial Solar PV System

Solar Gain understands that installation of a new commercial solar P.V. system comes with complicated financial decisions for the business-owner. That is why we have worked hard to foster strong relationships with several financial institutions, and through these partnerships offer our clients multiple financing options. We will work with the financial institutions and our clients to make sure you choose the best financing plan for your business’s needs.

Capital Lease

This option is commonly used for a for-profit company that has sufficient tax appetite. Typically, the customer can get $0 down financing and still capitalize on State and federal tax credits and depreciation.

Operating Lease

The operating lease option is ideal for non-profits or for-profit entities with no tax appetite. The leasing company takes all tax credits and depreciation, which lowers the total loan amount.

Bank Loan

Our existing banking relationships accelerate the financing process and promote ease of credit approval. This also means you benefit of much lower interest rates, longer terms and higher returns.


PPAs are good for large, strong, credit-worthy organizations interested in solar but not concerned with energy savings. Monthly fees in a PPA provide little savings over your current power bill.


We would be happy to discuss which model is best for your business. Please call us anytime between 8:00am and 5:00pm at 520-822-8377 to find out how a commercial solar installation would work for you.