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Commercial Solar


JPL Bible Church - 61 kW


JPL Bible Church is friendly and casual with programs for the entire family located in Rancho Mirage, Southern California. Solar Gain West (SGW) was contracted to instal a 61 kW system with (4) Fronius Symo inverters, (200) Renesola Modules, and the Everest D-Dome Racking System. The location and timing of this project challenged SGW with daytime temperatures reaching over 118 degrees! In order to protect their installers from the harsh work environment they were forced to adjust work hours to get the job done on time. Upon issuance of the building permits SGW was left with less than 2 weeks from the Southern California Edison net metering 1.0 deadline. Not only was the construction completed on time, the inspection process cleared and SGW got permission to operate the system before the deadline. What that mens for JPL Bible church is that they qualify for higher payback rates from the utility company, which results in tens of thousand of saving over the lifetime of the system! The SGW team showed how much they care about their customers investments by pushing through long work hours and grueling summer heat.


  • 200 - Renesola JC305M-24/AXH Modules

  • 4 - Fronius Symo 12.0-3 (208V) Inverters

  • Rooftop Everest D-Dome Railess Racking System


WorldMark Indio - 142.12 kW - Phase 1


The WorldMark Indio is located in the greater Palm Springs area in Southern California. Solar Gain West (SGW) was contracted to design and install a solar carport system using (8) Solectria Yaskawa inverters, and (418) Q CELL Q.PLUS Modules. In addition to providing shade to hotel guest vehicles, this solar carport delivers 112 kW-AC to the resort. The construction timeline was less than three months. The construction team began in mid January and completed the final inspections in early March. The main challenges were inclement weather in a historically wet winter and a very busy resort schedule. Work hours were limited to make sure that guest’s stays were not impacted. We are looking forward to the next phase of construction at this same site to start Q1 2018 or sooner!


  • (418) Q CELL Q.PLUS L-G4.2 340 Modules

  •  (8)   Solectria Yaskawa PVI 14TL Inverters

  •  (1)   Steel Shade Parking Structure

Windsor World Mark Solar Installation Drone Flight-0003.jpg

WorldMark Windsor - 635.76 kW - Phase 1

Solar Gain West was contracted to design and install solar photovoltaic systems on 10 different buildings with a total of 9 interconnections totaling 635.76 kW. Through our experience and diligence Solar Gain West took previously presented designs and value engineered additional system capacity and optimization.  High-efficiency LG modules were specified to maximize yield, and SolarEdge inverters were implemented to account for design challenges that various rooftop orientations presented.  Further, ISA Corp trellis systems were engineered for the available roof-wells that provided adequate clearance to install over HVAC equipment. Solar Gain West was able to meet its deadline in order to accommodate the years end tax deadlines for phase 1 of this multi-phase project.

  • 1,766 360W LG Module
  • 33 - 14.4kW Solar Edge Inverters

  • 7 - 9kW Solar Edge Inverters


US Blanks - 224.4 kW

US Blanks is the only surfboard blank manufacturer based in the United States. Solar Gain West was contracted to install a 224.4 kW system on their main warehouse in the City of Gardena, California.  The installation began September of 2016 and was completed early November of 2016. This project had many unique challenges to overcome. The roof is not entirely flat and adjustments to our racking had to be made in order to maintain a 10° angle. The wood sub-structure of the roof demanded that each stand-off had to be attached with lag screws. The narrow driveways around the building made it difficult to stage modules and limited our access points. US Blanks was a pleasure to work with and their system is now operational thanks to the preparedness, experience, and determination of our team. 

  • 680 - Suniva 335W Modules
  • 6 - Solectria  36TL Inverters
  • Roof Top - Uni-Rac Racking
  • Locus Energy Revenue-Grade Monitoring


St. Margaret's Episcopal Church – 144.7 kW

This Solar Canopy project was built for the Beautiful Historic St. Margret's Episcopal Church in Palm Desert. This project was designed and built by Solar Gain West in October 2017. It was built in only 45 days to meet the deadline for their famous St. Margret's day! The system produces 60 % of the energy used by the church and designed around their unique power consumption. This project was financed with our unique PACE program that combines tax equity that is specialized for Non-profits. They received a 25% discount on the system and paid $0 out of pocket!

  • 432 Canadian Solar 325 W Modules
  • 2 PVI60TL Solectria Inverters
  • Custom Solar Parking Canopies