Solar Gain West = Solar Gain Inc.

If you’re in the state of California, you may have seen your Solar Gain representative or paperwork sporting “Solar Gain West” logos. Solar Gain West is the name of our California arm, but everyone here at Solar Gain Inc is working on behalf of our clients in both Arizona and California to ensure that you have the best solar panel system experience!

A Branch of Solar Gain Inc. licensed in the State of California

Just like our parent company, Solar Gain West designs and installs high quality solar photovoltaic (P.V.) systems for commercial clients. We use the best available products, with the strongest warranties, to offer increased output and reliability with decreased maintenance and operation cost. We improve our customers’ bottom line through targeted application of renewable energy.

Our Services

Solar Gain West has the expertise, experience and holistic knowledge of the solar industry needed to provide our customers with everything they need to integrate solar in their home or business. Our goal is not only to design and install quality solar panels, but also to give each client a tailored system with the lowest cost of ownership over that system’s lifetime. Solar energy is about more than panels, and Solar Gain West offers a suite of services which reflect that belief.

Beyond design and installation, Solar Gain West has developed strong relationships in the financial sector. We ensure you receive the maximum available incentives across local, state and federal levels—including utility rebates, tax grants & credits and depreciation. We also collaborate with your financial institution to help choose the appropriate financing plan with the best terms, whether you are looking for traditional bank financing or one of our specialized loan programs. Additionally, we perform detailed analyses to provide the highest rate of return on your renewable investment.

Money Savings

Solar Gain West uses the best products available to bring you increased output and reliability with decreased maintenance and operation costs. This means you get the overall lowest cost of ownership for the lifetime of your system. And we have partnered with some of the biggest companies in the solar industry to bring you the strongest warranties.