Residential Solar: The Installation Process

Installing Solar Energy to Heat up Your Home

Solar Gain has developed a 5-step turnkey installation process, based on our years of experience in the solar industry, designed to make installing your residential solar P.V. system the carefree and enjoyable process it should be. We handle all aspects of the installation, from paperwork and financing to permitting, design and the installation itself, to monitoring the system long after installation. Our expertise extends across all arenas of the solar industry, and we are here to assist you every step of the way. We developed this process carefully, and it is designed to take you quickly and easily from start to finish. Here is what you can expect.

Step One: Free Energy Evaluation

The first step of our process involves reviewing your domestic energy use and discussing your personal financing goals. We evaluate your home’s solar exposure and determine the optimum size and type of system to fit your specific needs. Based on this information, we provide an initial estimate and review financing options that fit your goals.


Step Two: Proposal

After your decision to move forward with your residential solar P.V. system, we prepare a comprehensive proposal. Building from the information gathered during the energy evaluation, the proposal includes: the system type, size and location; maintenance and warranty information; and a detailed financial evaluation, containing various financing options and information on all available solar incentives and tax credits & rebates. We help you choose the financial option which best suits your needs, and prepare the requisite permit requests with the utility company.

Step Three: Design & Installation

This is where we turn your ideas into a residential Photovoltaic Solar system tailored to your specifications. Our engineers design the best system for your home and power usage, based on the customers input throughout the process. We take care to design the exact system you need and want. Next, our specialists install the system in a timely manner. Most residential installations are completed within a week. Some installations may take longer depending on the size of the P.V. System.


Step Four: Inspection & Commissioning

As much as we love designing and installing the perfect Photovoltaic Solar system for your home, we think of this as the most exciting step. It is the last barrier between you and clean, sustainable solar energy. A county or city official and a representative from the utility company inspects your system. After it passes inspection, the system is ready for commissioning, the quality-control process which ensures that it is working properly. At this point, we walk you through your new Photovoltaic installation and answer any final questions. And, of course, you start saving money on electricity.


Step Five: Monitoring

The system may be installed and operating, but our work is not done. Solar Gain will monitor your residential solar panel system, in order to confirm peak performance, for 10 years after installation. If an issue arises, we will contact you immediately and take action to remedy the problem. We use multiple different solar power monitoring systems and will teach you to monitor the system yourself, based on the equipment installed at your home or business.

There you have it. From Step One to Step Five, from idea to actualization, from the past to the future of sustainable solar energy, Solar Gain is here to help you install the right residential Photovoltaic (P.V.) Solar system for you home, with as little hassle and expense as possible.