Commercial Solar: The Installation Process

Going Solar in a Commercial Environment

Solar Gain offers a comprehensive, turnkey process for businesses looking to convert their energy usage to solar. As an EPC contractor, Solar Gain takes responsibility for all phases of the installation of your commercial solar panel system, including design, procurement, construction, commissioning and handover. Our process is designed to move your business through the transition smoothly, on-budget and on-schedule through each step of way.

Step One: Free Energy Evaluation

Our process begins with a free energy evaluation, during which we review your business’s energy usage and discuss your financial goals. We evaluate the solar exposure of your site and determine the optimum type and size of system to fit your specific needs. Based on this information, we provide an initial estimate and review financing options that fit your goals.

Step Two: Proposal

After your decision to move forward with your commercial Photovoltaic (P.V.) Solar system, we prepare a comprehensive proposal. Building from the information gathered during the energy evaluation, the proposal includes: the system type, size and location; maintenance and warranty information; and a detailed financial evaluation, containing various financing options and information on all available solar incentives and tax credits & rebates. We help you choose the financial option which best suits your needs, and prepare the requisite permit requests with the utility company.

Step Three: Design & Installation

This is where we turn your ideas into a commercial Photovoltaic (P.V.) Solar system tailored to your specifications and your business’s needs. Our engineers design the best system for your business-site and power usage, based on your input throughout the process. We take care to design the exact system you need and want. Next, our specialists install the system in a timely manner.

Step Four: Inspection & Commissioning

After construction, a county or city official and a representative from the utility company inspects your system. Next, Solar Gain begins the commissioning process, which ensures that your business’s new commercial solar panel system is working properly. We walk you through the Photovoltaic installation, answer any questions you might have, and the business can start saving money on electricity while making the world a better place.

Step Five: Monitoring

Even after the last panel is installed in your business’s commercial solar panel system, Solar Gain’s job is far from done. We will continue to monitor your systems output for 10 years, in order to ensure optimum performance. We will also teach you to monitor the system’s electrical production through a solar power monitoring terminal online. This will be specific to the equipment installed on location.

When you hire Solar Gain to install your business’s commercial solar panel system, you are hiring a company with a detailed plan to bring your solar energy aspirations to fruition. Our turnkey process has been specifically designed to help businesses quickly and at the lowest cost possible, and it allows us to tailor the experience specifically to your business’s needs and financial goals.