Solar Gain Inc.

Your energy needs, goals, and interests are our priority.

Our mission is to make the world a better place, one solar panel system at a time. We are energy pioneers, and see each system we design and install as a way of making not only our clients’ lives better, but as moving society as a whole in a positive direction. 

Solar Gain’s top priority is and always will be our customers. We pursue your needs, goals and interests above all else, and our process is specifically designed to deliver a hassle-free, enjoyable and affordable solar power experience.


Innovation is the life-blood of the solar industry, and Solar Gain works hard to stay on the cutting edge of solar technology. We are a leader in design, engineering and implementation of high-performance, integrated solar energy projects. As an EPC contractor, we handle every aspect of your solar panel system installation, and we maintain the highest standards throughout the process. Our engineers welcome design challenges, and rise to them using a range of the industry’s latest solar panel technologies. Our specialists stay current on the safest practices for installation. We use the use the best people and practices to produce quality solar panel systems that are efficient, sustainable and beautiful, and backed by the strongest warranties available.


Solar Gain believes in empowering people. It is why we do what we do. We believe that quality solar P.V. systems bring people and businesses independence, and offer people a way to help improve their communities and the world. We believe in solar energy, as a business and way of life. Our founders are proud owners of solar panel systems, and we have seen how solar power benefits our lives as well as the world around us. Designing and installing residential and commercial solar panel systems is our way of sharing the independence we have found with our valued customers. It is our way of empowering our friends, neighbors, community members and fellow citizens of Planet Earth. It is our way of helping you make the world a better place.

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