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Store Energy From Your Solar System for Backup and Save on Your Utility Bill

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Solar Battery Storage—Power When You Need It

Our trained technicians at Solar Gain provide high-quality solar installation for businesses all across Arizona and California. When you decide to install solar panels for your business, you are choosing to invest in a clean, renewable source of energy that will lower your monthly utility bills.

Something that can take your solar system even further is solar panel batteries. Storage is playing an important role in the advancement of solar in the U.S., and our professionals at Solar Gain are fully aware of the trend. We help your business store energy in a solar power battery bank for complete energy independence.

Our professionals install lithium-ion batteries for commercial customers who are looking to reduce monthly demand charges and own their power. Lithium-ion solar batteries use the same chemistry that exists in cell phone batteries and computer batteries. They are advantageous because of the depth of discharge; they can be discharged to almost 100% of their total storage capacity and have higher energy density per square foot and per pound of weight.

Increase Your Energy Savings With Solar Battery Backup Solutions

Combining battery storage with Solar Gain’s high-performing solar technology can reduce your monthly demand charges

What Are Solar Battery Banks and How Do They Work?

A solar battery is essentially a storage system for energy that is produced from solar panels. Before diving into solar batteries, it is important to understand how a typical solar photovoltaic (PV) system works. A solar energy system includes solar panels, an inverter, and equipment to mount the system on your roof. The solar panels collect energy from the sun, convert the energy into electricity, and then it is passed through an inverter that converts it into power for your business.

Commercial solar power systems are also connected to the electricity grid. When your panels are producing more energy than your business needs, the excess is fed back into the grid. When your panels aren’t producing enough energy, you can use power from the grid. Many utility companies will compensate you for energy that you send back to the grid; this is known as net metering. However, if your utility company has time-of-use rates or demand charges, a solar battery can help you save even more when you go solar.

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Why Is Energy Storage Important for My Business?

Businesses have a part of their bill called a “demand charge.” This is an energy savings device that decreases costs for select companies who are reducing their peak usage demand charges. Arizona utilities, in particular, are moving swiftly toward demand-based rate plans that add new fees for the highest hour of energy drawn from the grid during the billing cycle. Energy storage can mitigate these fees by allowing you to reduce demand charges for your business while also providing backup power for emergency use.

The second reason energy storage is important is that it provides backup energy whenever your business may need it. An organization can suffer significant financial losses when the power goes out. Energy storage alleviates this problem and allows businesses to have reliable energy at any time. Solar batteries provide savings and security from your solar investment.

Save Even More With Solar Batteries

Solar is already an excellent investment for your business to make. Not only are you investing in a clean, renewable source of energy, but you are also saving your business money with solar. By harnessing the power of the sun to power your business, you can save big on your monthly utility bills.

To take things a step further, consider solar power batteries from Solar Gain. Solar batteries enable you to be in complete control; you’ll always have power even during an outage, you’ll reduce demand charges, and you never have to worry about times when your solar panels may not be generating enough power.

To learn more about the advantages of solar battery storage, contact Solar Gain today.