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Have You Installed a Solar Battery Yet?

Make the most of your storage solution with Solar Gain.

Set Yourself Up for a Brighter Future With Solar Panel Batteries

Just because you’ve taken the first step doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve reached your destination. In the solar industry, change can happen in an instant, and you need to do what you can to optimize your existing solution. You might have a solar panel solution in place, but are you taking the right steps to ensure that you have enough energy to last through a power outage? Solar battery storage solutions harness the excess electricity generated by your panels and keep your power up and running throughout the entire day.

At Solar Gain, we help our clients reap the benefits from their existing solar panels while setting them up with backup power that’s designed to last. In this blog, we’ll talk about how solar power batteries can help maximize the amount of energy you have available and why Solar Gain is your best bet for a high-efficiency solution.

What Are the Benefits of Solar Power Batteries?

Increased Uptime

Although standard solar panels definitely deliver, there are still gaps in the day without sunlight. That means you might not be able to enjoy the same level of energy at all times, and it can be hard to gauge precisely when your solution will work due to intermittent cloud coverage. Solar power batteries store excess energy, meaning there’s no difference between a bright, shiny day and an overcast one when it comes to how much power you can count on. 

Improved Security

Relying on a grid-tied solution for your energy can be difficult if the solution itself is unreliable. Solar batteries insulate you from side effects of poor grid management, meaning the performance of your solar panels is only contingent on your solar panels. Everyone wants to be self-sufficient—solar energy batteries are the best way to keep everything up and running and protect your energy source. 

Lower Energy Costs

Contributing to a lower energy bill is a big reason why anyone makes the jump to solar power in the first place. With solar batteries, you’ll be able to consume energy even more efficiently so that you can make that number on the bill drop even more. Once you rely on a solution that doesn’t draw heavily from the grid, you’ll be able to realize even more savings, especially if your utility uses time of use or demand charge rates for solar customers.  

Your Energy Problems Are Solvable With Solar Gain

What does it take to get the best results from your energy solution? An expert’s touch should do the trick. At Solar Gain, we make sure that the service we offer is customized to yield the results you want. For an energy solution that fits seamlessly with your location, budget, and energy consumption needs, reach out to Solar Gain today.