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Solar Energy Storage: What You Need to Know

As the world moves toward solar power, it’s time to learn more about how to store your energy. 

Do You Have a Solar Energy Storage System in Place?

As solar panel systems become increasingly popular across the United States, it’s more important than ever that you take the time to understand the best ways to maximize your solution. Solar energy storage batteries have revolutionized the industry, allowing homeowners and business owners with solar panels to enjoy optimal energy while the sun is shining and after it goes down. 

In this blog, we’ll talk about how solar storage systems work, why you need them for your facility, and how Solar Gain can help you find the ideal solution for your environment.

What Are Solar Energy Batteries?

A run-of-the-mill solar energy system contains specific parts, including panels, an inverter, panel mounting, and a performance tracker that monitors production, all of which work together to create green energy for your home or business.

Batteries allow you to store excess solar electricity instead of returning it to the grid,. You’ll never have to worry about how you’re going to power your home or business when the sun isn’t shining; you’ll have everything you need to operate continually with ample energy left over.  Batteries are necessary for solar panel systems disconnected from the electrical grid, or pair nicely with a grid-tied system.  

Why Should You Install a Solar Battery?

Do you worry about your utility bill every single month? Many utility services offer full net metering, meaning you receive a one-to-one credit on your electricity bill based on how much electricity your solar panels produce. And while implementing a battery storage solution might not net you any extra savings or tax credits in the same way that the initial solar panel solution did, you’ll quickly be able to reap the benefits. If your utility does not offer net metering, a solar battery system will allow you to realize the full value of any extra electricity that you would otherwise send to the grid for a lower rate.  Additionally, solar battery systems allow you to withstand power outages and retain excess energy for later use, which might come in handy if your utility has time-of-use rates or demand charges. 

How Can Solar Gain Help?

Do you have a plan in case of a power outage? Is your energy bill as predictable as it should be? Are you making the world around you a stronger, healthier, safer place? If there’s any ambiguity in your answer to these questions, it’s time to make a change. Solar Gain works closely with clients of all shapes and sizes across a broad range of industries to help them find the perfect solar panel solution. With our team of experts working diligently by your side, you’ll always have access to the resources you need to operate more efficiently than ever. 

For more information on how Solar Gain can revolutionize the way you light up your building, reach out to our team today.